Video presentation for real estate broker

It is well known that today’s competition is getting fiercer and fiercer. Give your clients an extraordinary experience with a video presentation for real estate brokers and create a permanent impact. In this way, you will capture attention, distance yourself from competitors and establish the image of the property in the minds of potential new owners.

In the video, we present the property that is for sale. We feature the rooms of the place. Such as: facade, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc. We insert the images of the place in a fluid way. The photos are displayed as a montage, with graphic effects from one image to another. You will see some information about the parts. Depending on your needs and desires, we complete the photos with information such as part size, specialties, quality, etc.

What can a video presentation for real estate brokers look like?

We will see the contact information related to the real estate broker. We are talking here about his name, phone number, emails, social networks and others. The property is not all that matters in the sales process. The real estate broker has a lot to do with it. The client must know who is the person who will be present to accompany him/her in the purchase of a new home. In other words, it is essential to obtain the confidence of the potential owner of “diprolene pommade prix.”

Whether it is for information, a visit, a purchase, it brings the future buyer to act. Our experts in video presentation for real estate brokers in Montreal create a unique and dynamic montage to highlight the property and its advantages. The video can be designed as a theme. According to your desires, it will be extraordinary. It can contain one or more colours, a specific theme, match with the property theme (rustic, modern, warm, etc.) While keeping in mind the project’s uniqueness, our experts add graphic effects between the images, this reinforces the professionalism and fluidity of the promotional video.

If you have a logo, we can insert it in the video, because it represents your values and your image and people like to be identified with something. In addition, our logo animation experts can create an animated logo that will add intensity. It could become a conclusive element in the sale of the house or condominium.

The advantages of a video presentation for real estate brokers

Captivate your future prospects

Real estate ads that include a video receive more than 400% of inquiries than those that do not. We are aware that the video presentation must be perfectly executed.

You are increasing your conversion rate

Our Montreal web design experts know that by including a video on your website and social networks, you can significantly increase your conversion rate and your users’ experience.

Notice a significant increase in property sold

Studies speak for themselves: a 95% increase in the click rate on a service or product presented in video compared to a simple photo gallery. (links not available)

It is frequently said that an image is worth a thousand words. So imagine a video.

Our goal – your success:

We are your partners in real estate marketing. Our team is listening to your needs, we want to create a perfect video for you, perfect for the property for sale. We highlight your skills and expertise. With the professionalism of video, we engage your future prospects. We have your success at heart. We guarantee a quality video, unique and up to your expectations.


We don’t just design a simple website, we do much more than that. We build an online business place for you. You will have a real online presence and our social media strategies will help you qualify for your competition. In addition, our video presentations for real estate agents have proven more than once that they considerably increase your conversion rate.

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