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In 2018, 95% of Internet users use search engines to find the information and/or services they need. Each of them carries out their search using specific keywords. That’s why our Google SEO experts in Montreal make sure they understand the needs of your potential customers and then build your website based on their specific searches.

Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining a market share of 88.36% since the first quarter of 2015.

 This is the best way to meet visitor’s expectations and to have a good SEO, because SEO is a discipline that consists in creating quality content that really meets user demand.

– How does he navigate the web?
– What he’s looking for?
– How does he look for it?
– What are their needs?

Using a good marketing strategy, we use several complex techniques to ensure that your site is well referenced in all major search engines. When designing your web project is important not to forget any details. Because a small mistake can have big repercussions on your online positioning.

  This is why our SEO professionals will create a fully customized web project from A to Z.







Utiliser le référencement naturel Google pour être premier sur Google

The first goal of SEO is to bring the main search engines and in particular Google, to identify your site. Second, external links greatly influence the positioning of a site on search engines. Natural referencing is our specialty.

Our SEO experts in Montreal are in charge of obtaining links from sites that have great authority on the web. In order to make your site stand out from the competition. Because 91% of clicks on Google are on the first page.

The success of your web project is essential. We guarantee that your website will always be on the first page of Google and that you will see your traffic increase every week. You will benefit from constant traffic and huge profits.

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inscription annuaire locaux

Registration in Local Directories

Our goal is to make your web project a success. With this in mind, we register your company in all available local directories. Such as: Yellow Pages, Canada 411, etc.

With all our expertise, we know that this will not only increase the traffic to your website, but also guarantee you additional revenue. In addition, it will increase your authority on the web.

The more your site is known and visited, the more consistent and positive your results will be We demand quality, we offer quality.

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Local PPC

The PRICE PER CLICK, how does it work?
You choose a keyword, then you appear at the top of the search for that specific keyword, and when an Internet user clicks on your link, it costs you a certain number of dollars depending on the competition rate of that same keyword.

On the other hand, natural referencing is much more profitable, because it’s a long-term investment. It will allow you to have traffic and of success constantly. You will have several visits per month and this free of charge.

Studies speak for themselves: 75% of people do not pay attention to google links that cost money and go directly to the natural link. These have a rate of much higher conversion.

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PPC local

geolocalisation google

Google Geolocation

A simple and cost-effective way to provide relevant content based on the user’s geographic location.

As for geolocated searches, Google only shows the first three results of Google Maps. To significantly increase traffic to your web page, it is essential that you are among the top three.

We make it possible. We know everything about geolocation.

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We don’t just design a simple website, we do much more than that. We build an online business place for you. You will have a real online presence and our social media strategies will help you qualify for your competition. In addition, our video presentations for real estate agents have proven more than once that they considerably increase your conversion rate.

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